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Preparation plan for my first marathon

First-timers preps

As promised in my previous post now I share the workout plan I did for my first marathon. This is not approved plan by any medical or sport organization. I did some research on workout plans for first-timers and I created my own version. There are some general rules that I identified in most of the plans:

  • Recommended duration is 6-8 months. My training was only 3 months,  but I was already doing regular sports 3-4 times a week and had long experiance with half marathons. The duration for preparation will depend on your fitness level.
  • Long runs: These runs are the most important for first-timers. They should increase slowly until the day of the marathon. Every 7-10 days there should be one long run. They will help you develop the long distance mindset.
  • Intervals: There are different variations. The workout is usually 30-40 minutes. It includes sprint runs for short time with short breaks in between. These runs are important for training the heart and increasing its capacity. The idea is to keep the heart rate constantly high during the workout.
  • Tempo runs: These are 8-15 km runs where the pace should be relatively high constantly. The distance can be increased in the last weeks.
  • Easy runs: The pace is lower and distance can vary.  They are important for keeping the body and mind fit but do not make any stress.
  • Usual plans include 3-6 trainings per week. This was also different for me. Initially I planed about 5 trainings per week, but the reality was a bit different as you can see in my calendar below.

Les mills courses

Since I am a big fan of the Les mills program I decided to combine my running plan with different courses. I included:

  • Body attack: 60 minutes cardio training with sport, aerobic and strength with body weight elements.
  • Body combat: 60 minutes martial arts-inspired course mostly cardio elements.
  • Grit: 30 minutes high intensity interval training.
  • Body balance: 60 minutes of pilates, yoga and tai chi workout.
  • Cxworx: 30 minutes core and stability workout.
  • Body pump: 60 minutes strength workout with low weights and high number of reps.

The exact plan

Below is the exact plan I did for my first marathon. It is a mixture of running workouts, les mills courses, few functional strength body weight workouts in the gym and few handball trainings. I got also sick with fiber for one week, but luckily I got back fit fast and was able to continue training with only few days break.


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