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ECOOP/ISSTA 2018 in Amsterdam

The conferences ECOOP, ISSTA and Curry On, this year were co-located in Amsterdam in the Mövenpick Hotel next to Amsterdam Centraal. It was a great opportunity for me to meet many people from the static analysis community. And of course have fun 🙂

As there were many events in paralel during 7 days, it was difficult to select what to visit. There were 3 conferences, some with parallel tracks, doctoral symposium, poster session, workshops, hackathon and summer school. At the doctoral symposium and the poster session I presented my work. I also attended most of the summer school. From the rest, I tried to cover some presentations that seemed interesting.

Main research tracks

The main conference tracks are always the highlights. ISSTA had some great presentations from research perspective. Especially, I liked the Mobile session.

Curry on had also nice talks, but also many tracks in parallel, so it was very difficult to decide what to listen. These talks were also more entertaining as they involve both the industry and academia.

Doctoral Symposium

The doctoral symposium was a joint event of ISSTA and ECOOP. It was a full day event, where 9 students presented their research. There was also an academic panel that gave valuable feedback to the presentations. Two of the three panelists, Mauro Pezze and Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez, gave talks on relevant experiences for doctoral students. This was very positive experience for me.

Poster Session

This was a great event organized by Lisa Nguyen Quang Do. It was very well visited event in a nice atmosphere with drinks and finger food. I talked to many people about my poster which was the work that was earlier presented at the doctoral symposium. It was good practice to see how othere people understand my research when I had just few minutes to explain it.

Summer School

This was a free event for selected master and junior doctoral students. It lasted for 6 days during the conferences. Each day there was a one or two 2-hour lecture from different expert in computer science topics.The first lecture was on the Sunday before the starte of all other events. It was a lecture on Haskall by Simon Peyton Jones during the final game of the world cup in foodball between France and Protugal. As I did not expect, all students showed up to the lecture and missed the game. The lecture was very entertaining, so I do not regret for missing the football 🙂

Some of the other lectures were very basic for me, but as the event targeted also a master level students I can understand why it was like that.

Additionally, from the second to the fourth day, each morning at 8 am, the students had a breakfast with different experienced researcher. Two to three students were allocated to one researcher. This was a great opportunity to meet and talk to the experts in different areas.

SOAP Workshop

State Of the Art in Program analysis workshop was a one day event co-chaired by Ben Hermann and Omer Tripp. I attended the full program as it had very interesting talks, e.g. Michael Pradel gave a great invited talk on his research in bugs detection using machine learning.

Social evenings

During the conferences, there were several social events in the evenings. The Curry On party was on the Monday at the fancy location Tobacco Theater in the center of Amsterdam. The next day was the ISSTA Banquet at Zaalverhuur Pakhuis de Zwijger. On the Wednesday was the poster session. Right after the poster session, there was a networking event organized by Google for invited guests only at a great location with a nice view of the city. On the Thursday, Uber hosted another event at their fancy offices in Amsterdam. And finally, the ECOOP Banquet was on the Friday at De Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club which was also my favourite social event.

Other tracks I missed

The difficult part at the event was that there were too many presentations happening in parallel and one had to decide what to attend. Two events I wanted to attend but it was not possible becasue of the overlap were the ML4PL workshop and the Panathon.


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