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Software Campus: Germnany’s IT Leaders



I am happy to share that my project has been accepted in the Software Campus program. The program offers Master and PhD students to lead their own research project in cooperation with one industry partner. The project volume is up to 100 K € for 6 to 18 months. My project SecuCheck is expected to start in November 2018 and last for 14 months. Software AG will be my industry partner. The goal is to develop an IDE tool that will help developers to effectivelly use static analysis for detecting security vulnerabilities on the code they are currently working on. The tool will be evaluated via user study in cooperation with Software AG.


For students of Paderborn University: If you are interested to work at Fraunhofer IEM and on this project under my supervision, please contact me.

Your skills:

  • Strong Java programming skills
  • Strong research interest in static code analysis and familiarity with Soot framework
  • Attendance of DECA lecture is a plus
  • Optional: experience with domain specific languages (xText)
  • Optional: Plug-in development for IntelliJ IDE
  • Team spirit and proactive personality
  • Fluent in English and/or German

Your benefits:

  • Work on a research project that will develop a tool for the industry
  • Flexible working hours: 45 up to 75 hours per month
  • Paid holiday hours
  • Experience with user study
  • Get in contact with possible future employer (Fraunhofer IEM or Software AG)
  • Possibility for research publications
  • Gain experience in: xText, IntelliJ plug-in development, Taint analysis, Typestate analysis, Security vulnerabilies in Java, Spring Web framework, User studies




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