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Paderborner Technology Meetup

I attended the 2nd PTM meeting in Paderborn which is organized by three students who are also part of the Microsoft Student Partner network. This Meetup was hosted at the AStA office in the center of the city which is actually difficult to find.

There were four talks, from which three were related to Microsoft technologies and given by the three organizers and one guest talk on the programming language Kotlin. The following is a photo of the opening by the organizers.


The talk on Kotlin given by Christian Brüggemann was very interesting. Christian showed many code examples of how Kotlin improves some of the constructs in Java. Since Kotlin is hosted on the JVM, it is fully compatible with Java. From my first impression, I find Kotlin as a language between Java and Scala, where Scala is more to the functional end of the spectrum and Java to the procedural end.


The talks at the event were more informative and with general messages. We need to take the fact that they were given by students. The people were mostly young developers and students. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

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