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Rhine and Mosel cycling in 3 days

In June 2017, during a longer weekend, I planned this cycling tour. It was a great experience. On this tour, I was cycling together with Matthias.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Start: Bonn
  • End: Trier
  • Distance: 250 km
  • Accommodation: Airbnb
  • Overnight in 3 cities: Koblenz, Pünderich, Trier
  • Bike: Bulls Cross Pulsar
  • Tracking: TomTom Runner 2 watch

Few words on the preparation. I have not prepare too much for this short tour. My bike is always ready 🙂 The goal was to cycle along the river Rhine and then the river Mosel, so the route plan was fixed. The only decision to be made was where to make the breaks for overnight. Koblenz and Trier as bigger cities were nice destinations that I wanted to visit, so for the first and third nights it was easy to decide. For the second night, which was the way along the Mosel river, the decision was made from the accommodation that I found, and that was in Püderlich. This town was also somewhere in the middle between Koblenz and Trier.

Day 1: Bonn to Koblenz

  • Distance: 70 km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Route: Bonn – along Rhine river – Koblenz
  • Accommodation: Airbnb


In the morning, we took the very early train from Paderborn to Bonn. From Bonn, we started cycling around 10 am. The weather was sunny and warm. In Bonn, we reached the river and followed the bike ways along the river in the direction of Koblenz. We did not entered any towns or villages on the way, except those that are directly on the river and the bike ways were passing through. We did one lunch break and few small breaks. Here how the bike ways look like:


Before Koblenz, we left the river and headed to the flat where we had our accommodation. Therefore, I had to use the navigation with my phone. Once arrived, we took shower and small break. Since it was June, the daylight was still there until 10:30 pm. We went to the to check out the city. It was more cloudy then sunny, but it was nice for walking. The city center is small, so in 1 hour walk we saw the main sights. We did not went to the castle, because it was going to close soon. But here is how does it look from the other side of the river where the city center is.


We had a dinner in a nice Thai restaurant called Suvarnabhumi.

  • Day 2: Koblenz to Püderlich

  • Distance: 80 km
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Route: Koblenz – Winningen – Kobern – Klotten – Cochem – Zell – Pünderlich
  • Accommodation: Airbnb


We started around 9 am from Koblenz. Our accommodation was near the Mosel river, so we found the way easily. For those that do not know, Mosel is entering in Rhine in the center of Koblenz. It is a famous touristic spot where both rivers meet.

After short cycling along the Mosel, we entered the first town Winningen. It is very cute place. Here is the center of the town:

We looked for a bakery there. There were two, but the choice was not satisfactory, so we continued cycling and just after the town we went to a market with bakery. We had our breakfast there.

The way along the Mosal river was amazing. I really enjoyed the views around. It is also quite touristic region. There are many small cute villages, many cyclists, and plenty of camping places. And of course there are many vineyards on the sides of the river.

But, there was one problem. Matthias’ bike was not good. So around the half way we realized that the back wheel was broken. We were not sure what to do. Before we wanted to cancel the tour, we decided to look for some bike repair places. Although there are many bike there, it was not easy to find a place for bike repairs. The first one we found, the guy said  he had too many bikes and he can’t work on the bike the same day. Then, he advised to check the next town. We reached Klotten. There was a bikers hotel with some repair shop, but they did not work on that day. They said we should try in Cochen, the next town, which is one of the biggest there. So it was our last try before canceling the tour. In Cochen, we found one repair, but they were also full. We went to another one, and the guy was nice and wanted to help. But the damage was big and the bike was not a standard one. We waited for him to check for a new wheel. After an hour, he couldnt find. But he offered, a used bike for a good price. Matthias liked it, so we made a deal. We left the broken bike there and finally we continued. Cochem is by the way a bigger town and quite touristy. There is also one castle:


After Cochem, we still had almost half way to Pünderlich. But now we were faster. There were few other cute towns on the way, but we did not enter. Here is one of them:


Before Pünderlich we entered a bigger market to get some dinner. We knew that in Pünderlich, there is not many options. The accommodation was one of the best, that I have ever had with airbnb. The house way very nice and high tech. And the host had organized everything perfectly. Moreover, it is cheap. Highly recommended!

Day 3: Püderlich to Trier

  • Distance: 120 km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Route: Pünderlich – Traben-Trarbach – Trier – Trierweiler
  • Accommodation: Airbnb



This was the longest cycling day, I had so far. We cycled 120 km in the whole day. First, the way from Pünderlich to Trier was longer than I thought. We had to follow the river all the time, so we could not make some shortcuts as I thought. The river is very curvy and I thought there are few shortcuts, but then I realized those shortcuts are over the hills. Also our accommodation was not in the Trier, but a small place Trierweiler about 10 km from Trier up the very high hill.

It was a big challenge, but we really enjoyed the whole day. We started the day as usual around 9 am. Then, we made a breakfast break in Traben-Trarbach, which is another very nice town. We had a long way to Trier, passing by many nice towns. Here is one of the views along the river:


In Trier we arrived and went directly to check out the town. We did not want to go to our accommodation because it was not easy to get there. So, we spend around 2 hours in the city.


After a döner-dinner, we went to our accommodation. It was a very difficult way up to the hill through the forest. Half of the way we had to walk. But, we made it. The next morning, it was very fast way down the hill until Trier from where we took the train back to Cologne and then to Paderbon.

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