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Cycling through NRW – Days 2 and 3

Day 2: Münster to Bochum

  • Distance: 64 km
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Route: Münster – Nordkirchen – Selm – Bork – Waltrop – Recklinghausen – train to Bochum
  • Accommodation: Couchsurfing in Bochum (Ulli)
  • Highlight: The castle at Nordkirchen

From Münster, I headed south to reach Bochum by the end of the day. I cycled near the artificial canal that comes from the Ruhr area and goes in the north until the Emse river. It was another wonderful track to cycle, flat, with nice bike ways, and many signs.

The midday brake was at the castle by Nordkirchen. It is a quite nice sight worth a visit. One can go around the gardens and the woods.

After the break, I continued heading to Bochum with another break planned in Recklinghausen. The environment started to change with an industrial atmosphere. It was remarkable that I left Münsterland and was entering the Ruhr area. The bike way were not that nice. I often had to cycle with the cars on the street. Moreover, my right knee started to hurt. About 5 km before Recklinhausen the pain started to be unbearable. I hardly reached Recklinghausen where I made another longer break. The city was actually nice to walk around and the weather was perfect. The pain on the knee was gone after a longer walk. Here is the nice city hall (Rathaus) of Recklinghausen.

I had 20 km more to Bochum. But then, once I started cycling, the pain was back. Even more! So, I decided to finish the cycling, take the train to Bochum, and see what will the next day bring. In Bochum, I met Ulli from Couchsurfung, who hosted me nicely and recommended me a good Döner place.

Day 3: Bochum to Mönchengladbach

  • Distance: 90 km
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Route: Bochum – Essen – Mülheim – Duisburg – Krefeld – Willich – Mönchengladbach
  • Accommodation: Couchsurfing in Mönchengladbach (Melih and Mariles)
  • Highlight: crossing the Rhein

Day 3 was a new beginning. The pain was gone. I had new energy and was feeling fit until the end of the tour. The first part of the day until Duisburg was through the Ruhr area, which is my least favorite part on this tour. The bike ways are not so nice. There is no bike culture. Also, the navigation through this densely populated region is not easy. I had to check the map constantly. In Duisburg, I had the lunch break.

After Duisburg, the landscape and the bike infrastructure became nicer. One of my favorite part was getting to the Rhein river. Crossing the river was very nice!

Krefeld was the next goal. I made another break in Krefeld. I went for a small walk to check out the city center. However, everything was under reconstruction. They were building rails for the tram in the city. After Krefeld, I was heading to the town Willich. My phone went out of battery. But, also the charging from the external battery did not work. So at some point I ran out of navigation. I only followed the signs that lead to Willich, and after that to Mönchengladbach. I managed to reach Gladbach. But then I needed the address of Melih and Marlies, couchsurfers that offered me a place to stay. I managed somehow to charge my phone by holding the cable constantly. And it worked 😀

Melih and Marlies were super nice. We had really great evening together. They cooked for me, we went to see the city, and then we had some beer at a nice music event.

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